Entries for 2015 is over. Let’s be in touch next year!

MEFA invites filmmakers and artists to present their films and works for consideration to the Middle Eastern Film & Arts festival in Helsinki. This year the festival will be held during 14th-18th of October 2015.

The MEFA Festival is about the power of art: its power to raise awareness, evoke emotion and bring about positive change in our society. The media often portrays the Middle East in a way that reinforces negative stereotypes. With the MEFA Festival we want to tell the other side of the story, the story of a modern and a diverse Middle East with a long history and rich artistic culture. 


We are looking for Middle Eastern creatives such as fine artists, poets, authors, photographers and performers to present their work at our festival. Creatives can send their chosen work via email or by post. All shipping costs of the submitted material must be borne by the submitter/sender. The submitted material will not be returned. You can find the address of submission and other contact information at the end of this page.


We accept entries of short, feature, documentary and animation films made mainly by Middle Eastern filmmakers, as well as directors from other countries whose works are directly related to the Middle East.

The submitted material consists of a private screening link or a DVD of the film. If the original version of the film is not in English, then the submitted link or DVD must be subtitled in English.

All shipping costs of the submitted material must be borne by the submitter/sender. The submitted material will not be returned. All submissions should be sent directly to the following address with “For cultural use only” and “Without commercial value” clearly marked on the envelope.


Middle Eastern Film & Arts Festival
Kaunispääntie 5 
00970 Helsinki, Finland
[email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from each of you!
-MEFA team