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In collaboration with The Finnish Evangelic Lutheran Mission and Anna Lindh Foundation, MEFA is throwing a big party at the infamous Ääniwalli with an ensemble of Finnish and Syrian hip hop and electro artists! Tickets are now available for purchase!

Date: 16th October 2015
Time: 21:00-02:00
Location: Ääniwalli, Pälkäneentie 13 00510 Helsinki
Tickets: 8€/10€ Purchase here

This fall, MEFA breaks bad at Ääniwalli with sounds from the Middle East! For the first time Syrian-American hip hop artist Omar Offendum and electro-wizard Hello Psychaleppo will be entertaining us alongside the infamous Finnish rapper Paleface and the funky vinyl-scratcher Mista Tibbz.

Creating a Syrian-Finnish symbiosis, music & cultural styles interlace and create a unique musical cocktail experience. Hib Hob – Stories From Syria Concert will be a night under the sign of mutual love, common harmony and cultural vibrancy. Be sure to bring in your good mood and your uncertain moves, and enjoy the mysterious psychadellicness of the Middle East!

The Hib Hob concert is a part of this year’s “Stories From Syria” theme and it is made in collaboration with The Finnish Evangelic Lutheran Mission and Anna Lindh Foundation.

The four gentlemen to shake us up are:

Mista Tibbz DJ set / Finland 

Mista Tibbz (Tipa Hiihtopipo) will get the ball rolling with his funky colorful mix of Middle Eastern sets. A part time dj and full time funky music enthusiast from Helsinki, Tipa started his journey with records in the early 1990s and he hasn’t slowed a bit since. Besides being known for his love for mid 1990s g-funk he has a thing for funky and groovy sounds from all over the world. The more exotic and funky, the better.

Paleface / Finland 

The grand Finnish rapper Paleface (Karri Miettinen) is probably the most internationally acclaimed Finnish rapper. Paleface is the concrete evidence that cultural clashes brings up great artistic creations. Indeed, Karri Miettinen’s mix of influence demonstrates a great interest for cultural diversities. Paleface’s struggle also gets through the highlight of social injustice and the defense of human rights.

Omar Offendum / Syria-USA 

Omar Offendum’s poetic hip hop plunges us into a cultural musical mix experience. Hailing from Syria and raised in the USA Omar takes us on a “lyrical journey from the jasmine-tree-lined courtyards of Nizar Qabbani’s Damascene homes to the flooded riverbanks of Langston Hughes’ Harlem Renaissance poems”. Besides, Omar Offendum is a pacifist-activist, continuously struggling to fight for human rights. His groundbreaking music points out the disorders in society, Middle Eastern issues and the life of an Arab in the US.

Hello Psychaleppo / Syria 

As soon as Hello Psychaleppo will start using his turntable be prepared for a radically new experience: “A journey away from the boundaries of style”. Hello Psychaleppo (Samer Saem Eldahr) is one of the most promising Middle Eastern artist. A midway between vintage Arab grooves and Electro Shaa’bi, Hello Psychaleppo’s style is simply indescribable.

Post by: Alexandra Duthé

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