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Here we are! The second edition of MEFA is finally popping out. This year has been full of many challenges, ups and downs, but we can finally breathe and say out loud: MEFA 2015 will be SURPRISING!

Let’s start from scratch: what is the MEFA Festival?

The Middle Eastern Film & Arts Festival is an annual fall event gathering a bunch of unexpected art works coming straight from Middle East. For us the Middle East is BIG, all the way from Morocco ’til Afghanistan. We know that it’s not politically correct, but you get the point. We hope.

This time we have been working closely with The Finnish Evangelic Lutheran Mission (MEFA Festival’s main partner), concentrating on telling Stories From Syria through films, discussions and amazing music. We will also enjoy films from Turkey, Morocco, Palestine, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, etc.

Our aim has been to find that balance between humour, drama, reality and dreams. We wish to tell the other side of the story by sharing stories that we don’t usually hear about. At the same time, we tackle sensitive issues and aim to give more visibility to Middle Eastern artists.

A platform for mutual dialogue, exchange and understanding, MEFA is open to everyone. The greatest reward for us is gathering people from all different backgrounds under the same roof, open for dialogue and hugs. So please, wherever you are from, whatever your favorite color is, whatever you believe in, you are loudly welcome!

This year’s festival will take place during the 14th-18th of October, with most of our screenings and events happening in Kino Sheryl. We are also taking over Ääniwalli with our Hib Hob – Stories From Syria Concert (purchase tickets here), and holding free screenings at the mosque, church and the French Institute!

Post by: Alexandra Duthé

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