Euripides’ ‘The Trojan Women’ gives Syrian refugees the opportunity to express their own feelings of loss and exile.

Sixty Syrian women share a common struggle in the refugee camp of Jordan. Forced into exile, these women have left behind everything familiar and dear to them. For six weeks, the women rehearse their own interpretation of the ancient Greek play, “The Trojan Women” by Euripides. Along the weeks, they begin to connect with the Trojan women, who were in the same situation centuries ago facing war, exile and loss. As they slowly regain confidence, the women begin to share their personal stories. Laughter, giggles and cries fill up the screen. Whilst some give up and some remain, they prepare to perform on stage in front of their family friends, together.

Queens of Syria documents the struggle of Syrian female refugees dealing with their trauma through theater. A panel discussion concentrating on the subject of civilian experience and survival in the Syrian conflict, will be held after the screening.

This screening is a part of the “Stories From Syria” theme made in collaboration with The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission.

Director: Yasmin Fedda
Screening: 17th October, 14:30
Venue: Kino Sheryl
Tickets: 8€ (includes panel discussion)

Country/Year: Jordan, UAE, UK/2014
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English
Duration: 70′
Genre: Documentary