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The Finnish Evangelic Lutheran Mission and MEFA Festival are collaborating for the first time to tell stories from Syria through films, discussions and music.

This year, one cause is close to our hearts: Syria.

With the crucial help of our main partner The Finnish Evangelic Lutheran Mission, we’ve been along the months trying to create a relevant line-up to portray Syria. We wanted the programme to share what Syria’s contemporary art scene holds without silencing current issues, and to simply tell stories from Syria.

We started this project with a clear aim. Constantly showing war, violence and blood is not enough. Instead of creating positive reinforcement for taking action, it pacifies people – we don’t wan’t to see, we don’t want to hear, so we don’t react. Constant repetition of bloody images no longer stimulate, as we become more and more numb. Somewhere along the line we lose the humanity.

That’s why MEFA decided to approach the issue from a very different angle, by showing films and art from the past, the present, and the future of Syria.

Al-Houdud – The Border” is a classic Syrian comedy presenting the “Charlie Chaplin” of Arabia, Doraid Lahham. We’ll also take a glimpse into the lives of ordinary Syrians before and after the war with female director Yasmin Fedda’s two thought provoking documentaries “A Tale of Two Syrias” and “Queens of Syria“. Fedda will also be available for a Q&A session and a panel discussion held after each screening. On Friday the 16th MEFA invades Ääniwalli with the hip hop-electro line up Omar Offendum and Hello Psychaleppo. They won’t be playing alone, as Finnish rapper Paleface and vinyl-scratcher Mista Tibbz will make sure to make you bounce to the music as well. The concert is sponsored by FELM and Anna Lindh Foundation. You can purchase your ticket here.

You can read more about our collaboration with FELM and the “Stories From Syria” theme here.

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